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You can be accompanied on the meetings, exhibitions, activities or any other events by escort for your public image.
You can take with you security, guide, translator, girl-friend or boy-friend. It is different type of escorts.
Security escort is bodyguard; usually it is a skilled specialist for private safety of a customer. There are a lot of firms with qualified bodyguards and securities in the world. They specialize in VIP protection for government ministers and for celebrities, family and children bodyguard, wedding security, travel security, close protection, security for events: such as sports events, night clubs, shopping, concerts, business meetings and so on... In Dubai there are a lot of firms, who can help you with security services:
· International Security, the site is www.askinc-uae.com 
· World Security, the site is www.worldsecurity.ae
· Citytec, the site is www.citytec.com
· Emirtec, the site is www.emirtec.com
· Guardforce, the site is www.guardforce.ae

Their prices for 1 day from 900 usd (1hour cost 85 usd), but this bodyguard can speak English and Arabic, that is why you don’t need personal translator.

What is about guide escort? Usually it is a local or component man, who knows area and history of this place. All tourists know a guide, like every time speaking man, cause of which you cannot sleep in the touristic bus. Guide knows everything about everything. That is why he speaks every time. He can answer all your questions. If you take excursion, guide is your escort person. He escorts you every place of interest, museums, exhibitions and shopping centers. It depends on you, what you are interesting in.
Girl-friend and boy-friend escort, it is prostitute escorts. We are the agency of Dubai escort girls, shemales and males escorts. Sure, you can meet a girl for dinner or breakfast, but if you ask her about intimate services, she will be glad to say you a price for this. Sure, all of girls are well-educated, and speak English fluently. They can discuss with you all problems in the world, even economic. Did you hear funny story about blonde girls? Yes, these blond girls try to think by theirs brain… May be not every girls from escorts can make long-term forecast of currency, but they do perfect Deep Oral, swallow and tantric massage. I m sure, that your wife can do every economical projection. But when you will prepare to sleep, her head is ill… I understand her< and I understand you… You want to fuck, she wants to sleep. It is two different organisms. Any woman and any man can order in our agency escorts for relax. You can enjoy body or brain of our escorts. Also, you can invite our escorts to Dubai disco clubs. Our girls and boys are perfect, they are models of elite marks like CK, Armani, or porno stars… it is a question of money only…
About translator, it is an accompanied person, who knows the language and mentality of the person with whom you would discuss any questions. You can take with you translator, when you sign international treaties, or when you go to the other country for week-end. Your guide or security can be translator. You can ask any of girls or boys escorts to do the same job.
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