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Gay escort in Dubai

As you know, we are Dubai escorts. We have for you different type of escorts. In our agency there are male escorts also. Most of our guys are bisexuals; they provide different services for males and for females.

Gay escort is the category of not traditional love, like man seeking man, homosexual sexual orientation.

Bisexual male likes to fuck with girls and with boys. Sometimes bisexuals prefer group sex. And during it they change their roles, they can be actives, passives, they can fuck girls or boys. But some boys can be satisfied only by other boys, they are homosexuals. It is their physiology and psychology.

There are passive, active and universal gays.

  • Passive gays prefer be under the partner. They enjoy anal sex, when other guy fucks his ass. They like to do oral, suck your penis in different positions. Sometimes passive gays like light domination in the role of slave.
  • Active gays prefer be over the partner. They like to fuck other guy in the ass. Some of them are very hot, like mister in the domination role play. They enjoy oral, when their slave sucks his penis.
  • If you like to change your role in the sex, you are universal guy. In this case you enjoy anal fuck both ways.
In our agency you can meet with universals bisexual gay escorts in Dubai:
Both of these guys are very sexy and good-looking. I love them, because they are very friendly, kind and good persons. I recommend meeting with them for full night. They speak fluently English. Their photos are 100% real, verified. They are not boyfriends. They visit Dubai 2 times a year for 1 month only.

All gays are very jealous and emotional persons. Their feelings are very impressive. Now a day they make families. But not all countries understand their love. Not all people with standard orientation can understand them. In Dubai it will be better if your friends don’t know this information about you. Otherwise everybody from the street will show on you.

If you call to our agency, nobody will know about your orientation, because all your information is confidential for everybody. Only we can know your secret, and we will forget everything after 1 minute.

All our escorts use condoms for safety, it is impossible to ask them provide any services without

Sure if you want to work with us, you can send summery to our e-mail [email protected]

It is better if you like being active and passive. We are gay-friendly agency. Google
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