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Dubai never sleeps

The night life of any city in the world is full of charming and magic. Night clubs, cabaret, different bars, parties, discothèques, concerts, theaters, cinemas, entertaining shows, including striptease shows, different escorting services, for example, Dubai escort, and so on and so forth – all these amusements are accessible for adults in the world of night life.

Incredible Dubai with its striking architecture is certainly one of the extremely popular places for spending holidays. Bright sun, crystal clear water, well-organized beach, excellent restaurants, modern shopping centers - what do you need during your holidays? That's right, the night life! But this is all right.

Perhaps, an active night life it is that strikingly distinguishes Dubai from others 6 emirates of United Arabian Emirates. In spite of the appearing severity of customs and manners and the prevalence of the Muslim population, all records with quantity of nightclubs and bars are broken here, in Dubai. Not without reason, the world famous DJs come to Dubai almost every week. In the night clubs it is played the music of all known music genres and styles, whether it is House, F&B, Hip Hop, Funky, Soul, Trance and others.

Dress code has not any restrictions. The only negative thing for a man that you can join the life of night club on one condition: you should be accompanied by a lady; except for the days when the input is open to anyone with tickets, when a night club has low occupancy on unpopular days, and when you have booked a table beforehand (the average price of any booking is a bottle of strong “regular” drink – for instance, gin, whisky, vodka, tequila and others).

Sure, in the club there are a lot of third rate prostitutes, I don’t recommend you to sleep with this girls. They can be dirty or can steal your money. Please, be attentive, in the club, meet only normal girls, not prostitutes. If you need after Disco relax with sex and intimate, I recommend you Dubai escort girls from our agency. We have good reputation, and our girls are very intelligent and kind. Also, you can invite them to the disco club.

At the entrance of a night club you can be also asked to show your id, for checking your identity and age – twenty one years old.

As for the night life of Dubai, UAE, this city never sleeps, and usually it doesn’t sleep from 9 in the evening to 3 in the morning. Here you can find whatever you imagine, whenever you want! Let’s start from bars.

In June 2007 in Dubai there was opened the first in Southern hemisphere ice bar. It is called “Chillout”. This bar is located at Times Square Mall, it is between the 3rd and the 4th interchange on Sheikh Zayed Road. As for timings, from Saturday to Wednesday it works from 10a.m. till 10p.m., on Thursday and Friday you are welcome from 10a.m. to midnight. In this truly distinctive bar cocktails, sandwiches and salads are served.

All pieces of furniture are made of specially devised, crystal-clear ice, that doesn’t have any impurities. This ice was worked up by the Dubai Company Sharaf Group. In addition to the traditional for all bars pieces of furniture as icy chairs, tables and utensil, The Chillout bar is also decorated with a six-feet-tall icy chandelier, icy portièr, and also an icy portrait of the ruler of Dubai – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This icy miracle plays all iridescent colors of the rainbow.

At the entrance to the bar every visitor is dressed in a warm hooded parka, given out a pair of disposable warm gloves and, if it is necessary, special shoes. In order not to damage the new “furniture” there is not in the bar more than 45 people at the same time.

Chillout has become the first ice bar in the world, where besides cocktails you can also order some food, such as sandwiches and salads, which were chilled in advance so as not to upset the balance of temperatures. According to the assurances of Sharaf Group representatives, this bar is also the most beautiful of its kind, at the design and at its lighting.

“The opening of the ice bar in Dubai is a real breakthrough”, - said Ibrahim Sharaf (the owner of Sharaf Group) at a press conference, - “not everyone would dare even dream about such an amazing establishment in the heart of sultry desert. But we have made our dream come true and we are very proud of it.”

Another “outstanding” bar of Dubai is Soluna, it is located in Dubai Marina, just ask a taxi driver to carry to Mina A Salam hotel. This is an open-air club, telling the truth, it is a huge tent-based place which is situated directly opposite to the most beautiful and impressing hotels of the world – Burj Al Arab hotel. Beach, stretched tents, barbecue, delicious cocktails ant trendy music – all these things is an inalienable environment of this place. The idea of this club was taken in Ibiza, from Balearic coastline, where the main event of the day is a sunset. In spite of Soluna is a club, parties in this club take place only on Saturdays, that’s why it more looks like a restaurant where life-music is being played. Soluna is not an over-year bar; it is closed during the unbearable heat and humidity of summer period.

One of the oldest and still very popular clubs of Dubai is Zinc. It is located in Sheikh Zayed Road, in Crown Plaza hotel. Owing to the fact that there is a spacious dance floor and that Zinc is a resident for world-famous DJs, this club is a very popular place for visiting by tourists. The metallic chic décor, the thematic parties, and constantly filled dance floor – makes this place especially popular among the trendy clubbers and the stewards and stewardesses of the Emirates Airline, who have 50% discount for drinks. In Zinc you can enjoy different kinds of music, such as House, Dirty House, Deep House, Trance, R&B, 80’s music.

The majority of clubs in Dubai is located in buildings of hotels – that is very convenient, after all it is not necessary to take a taxi and to search the way to the necessary institution. One of such clubs is Sanctuary – it is situated in luxurious Atlantis the Palm that amazes imagination with its luxury.

The club name is translated as "svatilische" – we should notice that it has been created by the founder of a well-known Buddha Bar, Raymond Visan. Sanctuaries has been opened in the end of 2008, and in this time such DJs, as American Armand Van Helden and Dutch Sander Kleinenberg, and also electronic duet Groove Armada have already performed there. Executed in style of modern baroque (its designer is Jeffrey Beers International), this club by right can be considered as one of the best in Dubai. Here it is possible to dance perfectly, and then to have a rest in The Velvet Room or to breathe fresh air on an open outdoor terrace (it is necessary to consider that the outdoor deck is closed from June to October). Sanctuary is opened every day from 9.30 in the evening till 3 in the morning; the best parties pass on Thursday («Movement») and on Friday («Nova»). You are able to visit this club if you are under 21 years old. The Dress-code is quite simple, you should be dressed up elegant and smart; T-shirts, Vietnameses and beach dresses is better to leave in your hotel room.

This luxurious, dreamful Parisian club is classified as one of the most exclusive, chic and swanky venues in Dubai. The night club Boudoir attracts a lot of people, especially Lebanese. It is situated in Dubai Marina Beach Resort. There you can enjoy Arabic, Persian, Bollywood music; there is also performed R&D, Rock, Hip Hop and House. If you want to get past the entrance staff, you must be dressed impressively and be accompanied. The elegant club was designed in Renaissance style: rich drape of the walls, soft sofas, crystal chandeliers. There are always a lot of people, especially after midnight.

Kate writeed about Dubai nightlife clubs after visiting Dubai city at the 22d October 2011 year.
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