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Independent Dubai escorts

What is the difference of independent escorts from escort agency?

Pluses of independent Dubai escorts:

Independent escorts usually work along or with their girlfriend or boyfriend.
You can call her and speak with independent escort girl.
Some times the price is lower, but only if the advertising is not very expensive.
She can say everything about her services and preference, prices; maybe she can give any discount for full night.
She can meet with you for free on the dinner. But you pay the bill of the restaurant. Independent escort can stay with you more time then you pay for.
She can make you discounts if you are regular customer.

Minuses of independent Dubai escorts:

She can choose customers by clothes and by profit.
If she is busy she cannot answer your call or messages. Usually she is busy every time. That is why you have a little chance that she fined for you any time.
Some of not proven escorts can steal money from your purse. If you call to the independent Dubai escort, she will be along and you cannot choose any type of girl or some extra services.
Independent escort does not provide sex by phone, because she has not money for this conversation and for her time.
You cannot be sure that photo on the advertising is real or not. All models say, that photos are originals.
She travels to Dubai some times a year only. You cannot call her, if she is out of country.

Where you can find Independent Dubai escorts? Look at the sites:
Independentdubaiescorts.com - there are independent escorts and escort agency in one category, that is why be attentive, when you call ask about this.
Dubai escort guide - there are girls who work independent and with agency.
Dubai-escort-list.com - this is escort directory with agencies and independents.
Allaescort.com - this is worldwide escort directory. If you travel a lot, it is good chance to economy your time.

Pluses of Dubai escort agency:
We give discounts for our regular customers or we can find a girl, which can provide services for your price.
We have usual escort girls, VIP girls, porno stars.
We have some girls and you can choose any for you: blonde or brunette, with big breast or young girl, with extra services or porno star.
If you want some girls, for example 5 girls for the party, or lesby show, we provide these services.
We have the same prices, that independent girl, because we pay for the advertising of the girl and the girl has a coordinator, who discuss everything instead of her.
We have a reputation, that our girls are honesty and will not steal anything from your bag.
Our photos are 100% real and verified by passport photo. We care about our reputation.
We can advise you the best girl from our agency with the best services.
Our girls are politely, we have not bitches.
We have girls every time: 31 days a month, 365 days a year.
Our coordinators give you full original information anout all our escorts without lie.

Minuses of Dubai escort agency:
We cannot discuss with you by phone everything about girl, because we have not so much information.
We close faces of our escorts because of their safety.
We don’t give number phone of our girls: it is confidential information of our agency. If you pay for 1 hour, you must to leave after 1 hour, you cannot stay 1,5 hours with the girl. It is our rules, and all agencies have the same rules.
We don’t provide sex by phone, for the same reason, that independent escort.

Now you see pluses and minuses of independent Dubai escorts and Dubai escort agency.

This article was written by Dubai escort agency The Luxe Girls. Our site is www.luxe-girls.com at the 6th of December 2012 year. Google
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